Photo & Video

Photography and videotaping of our shows during performances is strictly prohibited due to copyright law. A professional photographer is hired to take photos of the show prior to the performance. If a video release is obtained with the rights for the show, the Drama department will arrange for the show to be recorded. No other videotaping is permitted. Sometimes the rights allow for distribution of the recording to the cast members only. Please check with the director to see if recordings will be available for the show in question.

2020-2021 Shows

2019-2020 Shows
Photos by Jennifer - Back Cover   ·   Sense & Sensibility

Photos by Pete - The Pirate Show

2018-2019 Shows
Photos by Jennifer - The Addams Family   ·   Almost, Maine   ·   Macbeth

2017-2018 Shows
Photos by Kagan - Guys & Dolls (Yellow Cast)   ·   Guys and Dolls (Blue Cast)   ·   Wiley & the Hairy Man
Photos by Kagan - You Can't Take it With You (Yellow Cast)   ·   You Can't Take It With You (Blue Cast)
Photos by Nate Durell - The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza